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Vish Mishra

The San Jose Mercury News listed Vish among the 10 most influential people in Silicon Valley. Vish prides himself on being a "mentor capitalist" who sits or has sat on boards of many venture-backed companies including Telera, Quantros, Novariant, and CloudVolumes.

Vish Mishra has been a Silicon Valley veteran for 40 years. He is a Venture Director with Clearstone Venture Partners. He was the co-founder of Excelan, a networking company that sold in 1989 for $225 million. He then went on to launch a series of companies. He has decades of leadership and management experience in the high-tech industry.

He is the recipient of the prestigious Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation's Heritage Award and Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute's Civic Leadership Award.

Vish has been a member of TiE, The Indus Entrepreneurs, since its inception. He has served at TiE as president and has been on the global board of trustees. A respected philanthropist, Vish is dedicated to several social causes. Vish has also been an exceptional community leader- who has set up leadership forums for young entrepreneurs like 'Legends and Leaders' at the TiE Institute.

Vish came to the United States from India 47 years ago to attend North Dakota State University. He then moved to Minneapolis for a job with Control Data. In the late 1970s, he moved to the valley where he went to work for Amdahl and National Semiconductor.

Vish holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Benares Hindu University, and an MS in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University





Incident Response

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