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We are a global technology services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operations in Costa Rica and India. As a high-growth company, Feuji is committed to customer success and building happy teams, we believe in delivering solutions that have a measurable impact on our clients’ businesses and bottom line.

We are Feuji

We are a diverse yet cohesive team that finds opportunities in every challenge and innovates with clients to help solve their biggest problems.

a photo grid of all feuji employees
Sunrise Mount Fuji

Our Story


noun: Feuji; plural noun: Feujians

A super cool company to work for.


        Mt. Fuji                 F    uji



An active volcano in Japan

We added excitement to Fuji

Our Services

Our expertise in customer service, technology, and operations translates into a unique blend of capabilities that create a measurable positive impact on your business.

Fists in Solidarity

Core Values

As an organization focused on delighting customers, we are united by a unique set of values, from striving for the highest levels of innovation to putting customers first, while being dedicated to the welfare of our communities.


Our leadership consists of creative, innovative leaders with remarkable accomplishments who walk the talk.  They exhibit compassion, integrity and have the right skills to lead Feuji to profitable growth. 

community work that feuji does


Founded on the idea that wealth should serve life, and help humanity reach its highest potential, Feuji functions with the value of paying it forward at its core


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and with operations in Costa Rica and India, our teams work hard to ensure the  success of our clients. Read more to know about joining our team.

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News Cameras


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Incident Response

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