Accurate & accelerated data and insights- achieved through data analytics, data science, AI and ML

Data analytics

Data Analytics


Data analytics is about finding answers and gaining insights for problems that we know. This service focuses on performing and processing statistical analysis of your existing data. Our services enable you to develop methods that process, capture, organize data and discover actionable insights.  This service includes data ingestion, data transformation, data analysis and visualization.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence


AI services use predictive models to forecast future events using algorithms.  The process of learning, reasoning, and self-correction from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data is fully performed through AI, leaving less scope for manual error, and bias. 

Data science

Data Science


Data Science services turn data into insights using machine learning, statistical, and mathematical approaches.  It uncovers insights and find patterns from large datasets. Our approach allows you to predict the future based on the past patterns. We use AI to interpret historical data, recognize patterns in the current and make predictions.  

machine learning and deep learning



Machine Learning and Deep Learning services use existing data that provides the basis for the machine to learn for itself.  Algorithms learn from the collected data to make estimates and predictions. Machine learning deals with structured and semi-structured data. Deep learning uses neural networks, which are effective in finding hidden patterns in the data

Ingestion, Transformation, and Analysis

Our services provide platforms and solutions across multiple industry verticals and enable our clients to understand the data to drive efficiencies in business. They are implemented across multiple industry domains and focus on Finance, Operations, Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain.

We predominantly help you identify relevant patterns in a dataset, collect and accurately interpret it for you and help you visualize it in a manner that allows you to easily comprehend it 

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Incident Response

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