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Feuji has hired Michael O'Neill to build custom training classes for our customers.  Mike comes to Feuji from Microsoft, where he spent almost 20 years as a professional trainer and helped develop and manage the Microsoft National Seminar Team (Microsoft Across America.)

Feuji training is not certification training.  Instead, these classes help your organization and employees become more productive with Microsoft software.  The sessions are typically full-day hands-on sessions where students learn by doing.  Since these courses are custom-made, you will only find this content at Feuji.  Mike uses 30+ years of experience as a professional trainer to teach technology with real-world examples, making the classes educational, enlightening, and entertaining.

Student evaluations for these classes historically have averaged 97% excellent rating.  Most importantly, Mike teaches with a focus on content retention techniques so that any employees taking the classes will not only understand the technology but will also be able to utilize the learning long after the course is over. 





Incident Response

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