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Microsoft Outlook

1 Day (8 Hours)


Microsoft Outlook was not designed as an e-mail client.  Released in Jan 1997 and with over 400 Million users worldwide, Outlook has always been billed as a personal information manager (or PIM.)  Many organizations that purchase Office 365/Microsoft 365 licenses, use Outlook primarily as an e-mail client only, and their employees often do not know or use the multitude of personal productivity tools that have been added to Outlook over the years.

This class teaches business users how to manage their work, and personal lives, using Microsoft Outlook. For example, there are four simple tools in outlook, that have been in the product since the 1990’s, that if utilized will save users over an hour a day in processing their e-mail. After delivering this course over a hundred times to thousands of students, only a single handful of students have ever previously known of these tips.  This course is filled with examples of time saving, project tracking, contact tracking, appointment scheduling, and task managing tips that will lift the productivity of your staff by significant levels.


This 8-hour hands-on course provides a deep dive into Microsoft’s Outlook.

Delivery Method

The class is delivered in a Hands-On Session (either live in-person or virtual) for up to 15 students.

Target Audience

The course is designed to teach business teams how to organize their e-mail, data, appointments, contacts, and tasks in an efficient way that provides instant recall.

Technical Level

The course is taught for level 100 Beginner, through level 200 intermediate skilled workers.


To participate in hands-on exercises, students will need a Microsoft 365 license with usage rights for Microsoft TEAMS. No Pro or Premium licenses are needed for the training.


Introduction to Outlook - (8 am-9 am)

  • Understanding Outlook as a PIM

  • Setting up your Outlook environment for highest efficiency.

  • Understanding Peeks

  • The e-mail tornado

Outlook Productivity Tips - (9 am-10 am)

  • The different types of Outlook users

  • Learning the E-mail triage process

  • Understanding the four core productivity tools

Personal Information Management - (10 am-11 am)

  • Creating Planning Calendars to manage your day.

  • Building a personal Knowledgebase

  • Creating custom folder and search views

Building a Categorization System - (11 am-12 pm)

  • Setting up the Categories

  • Automating the system

  • Applying the system to existing e-mails, tasks, and dates

Lunch Break - (12 pm–1 pm)

Automation in Outlook - (1 pm–2:45 pm)

  • Understanding how to master Exchange rules processing

  • Applying Quick Steps

  • Follow up flags

  • Building templates for outlook

  • Creating appointments

  • Importing calendar information

  • Adding attachments as links

Afternoon break - (2:45 pm-3 pm)

Managing Tasks, To Dos, and Contacts - (3 pm-4:30 pm)

  • Mastering the To Do list

  • Assigning tasks to others and tracking projects

  • Monitoring Contacts and Distribution lists

Conclusion - (4:30 pm-5 pm)

  • Summary of the key concepts covered in the training

  • Overview of available resources for further learning

  • Open Q&A session for any remaining questions or concerns.

Our Presenter

Michael O'Neill

Michael O’Neill worked at Microsoft for over 18 years, helping to create and manage Microsoft’s national Seminar Team. He joined Feuji in 2022 and has been a professional trainer covering Microsoft technologies for over 32 years.

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