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Microsoft Power BI

1 Day (8 Hours)


Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence and data visualization tool that enables organizations to turn data into insights and share them across their organization. It provides interactive dashboards, reports, and charts that allow users to easily connect to data sources, transform and analyze data, and share insights with others. Power BI integrates with other Microsoft services and offers seamless collaboration and secure data sharing, making it a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes to drive informed decision-making.


This 8-hour hands-on course provides a deep dive into Microsoft’s Power BI program.

Delivery Method

The class is delivered in a Hands-On Session (either live in-person or virtual) for up to 15 students.

Target Audience

The course is designed to teach businesspeople without any programming skills how to become Citizen Developers, creating custom solutions using low code / no code functionality.

Technical Level

The course is taught for level 100 Beginner, through level 200 intermediate skilled workers.


To participate in hands-on exercises, students will need a Microsoft 365 license with usage rights for Power BI. No Pro or Premium licenses are needed for the training.


Introduction to Power BI - (8 am-9 am)

  • Overview of Microsoft Power BI

  • Benefits of using Power BI for data visualization and analysis

  • Understanding Extract Transform and Load (ETL)

Getting Started with Power BI - (9 am-10 am)

  • Installing Power BI Desktop

  • Understanding Power BI Desktop interface and features

  • Connecting to various data sources (Excel, CSV, SQL Server, etc.)

Data Modeling and Visualization - (10 am-11 am)

  • Transforming and cleaning data with Power Query Editor

  • Understanding M-Code

  • Creating relationships between tables

  • Building Data Tables

Building Your First Report - (11 am-12 pm)

  • Adding Charts

  • Adding Slicer filters

  • Interactions between objects

Lunch Break - (12 pm–1 pm)

Learning to Find Data Anomalies - (1 pm – 2 pm)

  • Digging into data anomalies through data interaction

  • Advanced filters, timescales, and visuals

  • Building dashboards and reports with Power BI Desktop

Understanding DAX - (2 pm – 3:30 pm)

  • Creating calculated columns and measures

  • X Iteration Functions

  • Using DAX Studio

  • Troubleshooting DAX expressions

Afternoon break - (3:30 pm-3:45 pm)

Sharing and Collaborating with Power BI - (3:45 pm – 4:30 pm)

  • Publishing reports to the Power BI Service

  • Sharing reports with others

  • Collaborating on reports with others

  • Configuring security and access controls

Conclusion - (4:30 pm-4 pm)

  • Recap of key concepts covered in the course

  • Resources for further learning and exploration

  • Q&A session with the instructor.

Our Presenter

Michael O'Neill

Michael O’Neill worked at Microsoft for over 18 years, helping to create and manage Microsoft’s national Seminar Team. He joined Feuji in 2022 and has been a professional trainer covering Microsoft technologies for over 32 years.

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