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Microsoft PowerApps - (Teams)

1 Day (8 Hours)


Microsoft TEAMS is not an application for chat and meetings, nor is it an application for storing files in the cloud.  It provides this functionality (and much more), but TEAMS is a platform, not an app, that acts as a container.  The container holds any apps (Microsoft or non-Microsoft apps) that the user wants to work together in a unified structure. This makes collaboration between team members incredibly easy when not only the data is shared, but the apps that make the data is shared as well.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform developed by Microsoft that brings together various tools and services in one place, making it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate on projects and tasks. It combines chat-based messaging, audio and video conferencing, file storage and sharing, and a wide range of integrated apps and services, including Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Teams also integrates with other Microsoft and third-party services, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Trello. The platform is designed to help teams stay organized and connected, whether they're working from the same location or from different parts of the world.


This 8-hour hands-on course provides a deep dive into Microsoft’s TEAMS program.

Delivery Method

The class is delivered in a Hands-On Session (either live in-person or virtual) for up to 15 students.

Target Audience

The course is designed to teach business teams how to use the platform for collaboration, management, communications, and more.

Technical Level

The course is taught for level 100 Beginner, through level 200 intermediate skilled workers.


To participate in hands-on exercises, students will need a Microsoft 365 license with usage rights for Microsoft TEAMS. No Pro or Premium licenses are needed for the training.


Introduction to PowerApps - (8 am-9 am)

  • Understanding the Power Platform

  • What is Microsoft PowerApps and its purpose

  • Key benefits of using PowerApps

  • Demo of the PowerApps environment

  • Setting up a PowerApps account

Building a Simple App - (9 am-10 am)

  • Overview of the app building process

  • Understanding the different components of a PowerApps app

  • Creating a data source (e.g., using Excel)

  • Building a basic app using a pre-made templates

Designing the App User Interface - (10 am-11 am)

  • Understanding the PowerApps user interface

  • Using controls and components to build the app interface

  • Applying styles and themes to enhance the user experience

  • Using formulas and expressions to control app behavior

Making an App Dynamic and Responsive - (11 am-12 pm)

  • Understanding Resolutions, Aspect Ratios, and Sizes

  • Creating dynamic objects

  • Building Dynamic Components for Navigation


Lunch Break -(12 pm–1 pm)

Adding Functionality to the App - (1 pm–2:45 pm)

  • Understanding app events and actions

  • Using conditional logic to control app behavior

  • Adding data validation to ensure accurate data input

  • Using pre-made connectors to integrate with other systems

Afternoon break - (2:45 pm-3 pm)

Building data Galleries - (3 pm-4 pm)

  • Understanding layout gallery controls

  • Adding in Power Automate functionality

Sharing and Deploying the App - (4 pm-4:30 pm)

  • Overview of PowerApps administration

  • Sharing the app with others

  • Deploying the app to different environments (e.g., production, testing)

  • Monitoring app usage and performance

Our Presenter

Michael O'Neill

Michael O’Neill worked at Microsoft for over 18 years, helping to create and manage Microsoft’s national Seminar Team. He joined Feuji in 2022 and has been a professional trainer covering Microsoft technologies for over 32 years.

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