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Here is how we have delivered measurable positive impact

To thrive in today’s economy, you need to be resilient and fast, while mitigating risk. With Feuji, you can gain measurable, reliable, and positive impact through the power of technology. Read more to understand how we help organizations and transform businesses.


Cloud Solutions

Billion Dollar Company uses Feuji’s Accelerator to quickly migrate data to Snowflake

Churning data and getting insights is hard when you have data coming from multiple sources, clouds and databases. The client had 6 months to do it. We did it 1.5 months and we did it right.

Digital Transformation

This 900Mn company built analytics platforms to understand market and customer trends. Its products needed testing

This company's product needed configuration based on client needs. This made automation very complex. Feuji solved this and increased productivity

Cloud Solutions

This $120Mn brand is an online ticketing platform focused on selling tickets for concerts, movies, and sporting events

Monolithic applications, scalability and hardware refreshes took time and effort for this client. Here's how we fixed it reduced cost.

Digital Transformation

This massive 12 Bn auto loans company needed to reduce the time to onboard and integrate companies it acquired

With advanced robotic process automation (RPA) and optical character recognition (OCR), we enabled loan processing teams that simplified processes

Data and Insights

This auto loaning company required a model to predict defaulters through a machine learning system

The greatest challenge of the company was the losses they were facing in trying to collect the loans from defaulters.

Digital Transformation

The client is a USD 3Bn company specialized in creating platforms to plan the design of interior design for real estate

Creating unified automation for five lines of products that integrate to create seamless end-to-end user experience and improve productivity by over 40%





Incident Response

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