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A multi-billion-dollar real estate firm required design firm a product developed to meet the market demand in 3 months


Time Saving

We launched the product in 1.5 months


Agile Models

Rapid weekly production releases


GDC employee team

Delivering projects in record time

The company was one of the largest corporate entities in the world of interior design. How big? The company exceeded revenues of $3 Billion and was on a continuous growth path.

The client is a $20 billion IT giant with operations across the world providing mission-critical IT services. With operations in 70 countries globally, the client drives innovation in the IT world. The client has over 130,000 employees across the world and is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader.


We built a marketplace for design providers to leverage the software seamlessly. Every week, we released components within an agile environment.


  • They rapidly needed to move from a traditional model to an online model

  • The time we were given was three months for a minimum viable product (MVP).


  • We maintained an excellent collaboration with all stakeholders

  • We used end to end test automation

  • Our UI/UX, design and development teams worked in sync with the client





Incident Response

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