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A US-based software products and technology consulting company needed to standardize its CPQs


Better Speed

The cycle time significantly improved and was 25% faster than before.


Accuracy and Compliance

Perfect and streamlined quote-approval process to help generate fast, consistent and accurate quotes


Seamless Maintainability

Clean, simple, and robust architecture allowed the client to maintain it seamlessly post- implementation.

The customer is a US-based technology enterprise that offers software products and technology consulting, with operations across several countries in the world. As the business grew, the client wished to standardize the CPQs.

During our meetings the manager of the company said, “We need a Salesforce CPQ implementation done ASAP. The business is growing but the processes are not streamlined and not as accurate as we would like them to be.”


The solution needed to streamline the quote-approval process and help the sales representatives generate fast, consistent, and accurate quotes that followed the enterprise’s business rules.


  • The client came to us with very little time, and a tight budget.

  • We needed to build a robust architecture that was simple and seamless.

  • The client wanted to maintain the tool with ease post-implementation.


  • Feuji built business use-cases for the CPQ solution.

  • We divided the implementation into multiple segments and delivered the project on time.

  • We prioritized key challenges to ensure compliance with client deadlines.





Incident Response

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