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Accelerating the time to market of apps, increasing adoption, and improving productivity of a civil engineering firm


App Adoption Improvement

Adoption of applications improved by Feuji increased by over 70%.


Increased Engagement

Engagement with applications improved by Feuji doubled in 6 months.


Productivity Improvement

The improved applications helped improve internal productivity by nearly 90%.

The client is a multibillion-dollar civil engineering firm that builds complex offices, commercial properties, and high-end residential projects.

The Director of IT Solutions told us, “We had purchased Appian and got a vendor to implemented it. The implementation already costed us over $1 million. But the applications the vendor built were not responsive, hard to use, and terribly slow. The return on our investments was far less than what we expected.

We really needed someone who could improve the architecture and help us use Appian better. We realized that we had to find another vendor with better expertise. It took quite some research, and we eventually landed on Feuji.”


The overall time to assess, modify, test, and deploy the improved Appian-based Low-code solutions for the client was just 10 weeks.


The process used by the previous vendor to implement the Low-code solution was very amateurish and careless. Identifying where they went wrong, understanding what bugs needed to be fixed, and prioritizing what needed to be done needed a lot of attention to detail.


  • Feuji’s Low-code/ No-code Center of Excellence (CoE) spent time assessing what went wrong with the implementation of Appian.

  • We soon identified many issues, inconsistencies, and challenges with the architecture used to implement the low-code solution.

  • Because we have Low-code Center of Excellence (CoE), we were not only able to identify what went wrong, but were able to prioritize and meet the requirements of the client efficiently and effectively.





Incident Response

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