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Feuji: Your Trusted AWS Migration & Governance Partner

As an Amazon AWS partner, Feuji leverages cutting-edge methodologies to streamline your cloud journey to AWS. From workload assessment to architectural design, secure data migration, and system validation, our certified consultants optimize cloud environments. With Feuji, ensure a resilient transition, mitigating risks associated with data security, system interdependencies, and legacy application compatibility.

Feuji helps you make a seamless journey to AWS, starting with a detailed IT infrastructure assessment, strategic mobilization leveraging AWS expertise, and concluding with workload optimization for enhanced performance and scalability. 


We thoroughly analyze your IT infrastructure, examining servers, databases, networks, and applications. Our team assesses your workloads using the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework to pinpoint optimal migration strategies.


Leveraging AWS expertise, we architect the target infrastructure, establishing accounts, networks, and services. Our AWS experts use robust migration tools and provide comprehensive staff training, ensuring seamless mobilization into the AWS environment.


We then conduct strategic migration waves to modernize and optimize your workloads in the cloud by utilizing various techniques such as re-hosting, re-platforming, re-factoring, or re-purchasing.

Accelerate Innovation with DevOps on AWS

Adopting DevOps practices is key to achieving agility and rapid innovation on the AWS cloud. Feuji provides end-to-end DevOps capabilities to help you transform application development and delivery.

Our DevOps Services:

  • DevOps Implementation Planning – We lay the groundwork for successfully adopting DevOps practices through people, process and technology enhancements.

  • Infrastructure as Code - We help you automate provisioning and configuration management of AWS resources through code using tools like CloudFormation.

  • CI/CD Pipelines - We design and implement robust CI/CD pipelines leveraging AWS services like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy to streamline building, testing and deployment.

  • Microservices Architecture - We assist with migrating monoliths to microservices on AWS using containers and orchestration with ECS, Fargate and EKS.

  • Monitoring & Logging - We integrate monitoring, log aggregation, tracing, and alerting tools to provide observability into apps and system health.

  • Security & Compliance - We bake security into the CI/CD pipeline and build security automation workflows for policy enforcement and regulatory compliance.

  • Cost Optimization - We help optimize costs by implementing auto-scaling, spot instances, RI planning, and rigorous finances management.

  • Let us help you deliver better software faster through adoption of cloud-native DevOps practices on AWS.


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