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Upcoming Webinars

Feuji understands technology, and we are willing to share our knowledge with everyone. 

​Every other week, Feuji hosts a free 60-minute Feuji Expert Connect covering core topics like Cloud Platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP), building Low Code / No Code solutions, Implementing AI and ML into applications, Cybersecurity, Office Collaboration, and much more.  These are not sales presentations but are technical deep dives into the products.

(We hate endless PowerPoints as much as you do!)

This Feuji Expert Connect is your chance to talk to an expert, see live demos of the technology, and get your questions answered.   These sessions are for beginners and advanced users, providing something for everyone.  So please join us for these interactive technical sessions. Here is the current schedule for these events.

Talk to Our Experts





Incident Response

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