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Create a future you will be proud of.
Fabulous. Fun. Fantastic. Feuji.


When you join Feuji, you join a team that helps you achieve your dreams deliver positive impact.

At Feuji, you get the opportunity to learn and grow in a collaborative environment. Through mentorship, hands-on experience, and knowledge sharing, you gain valuable skills highly in demand in the industry. By working with the latest technologies and challenging projects, you develop a deep understanding of Design Thinking methodologies, Agile approaches, and other important practices. You also develop creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


With competitive pay, flexible hours, and an excellent benefits package, you can have a job where you feel appreciated while making a meaningful contribution to society. Join us, and you'll gain insights into real-world business from leading executives. Click on the button below to learn more on why you should join Feuji.

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Manohar Reddy - CEO of Feuji

Manohar Reddy



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40+ Reviews


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40+ Reviews

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I feel extremely lucky to be a part of a team made up of people from different nationalities, from whom I can learn new and interesting things everyday

María José Hernández Montero, Graphic Designer

María José Hernández Montero, Graphic Designer Feuji Employee
Cesar Tijerino, Proposal Manager Feuji employee
Paramjeet Singh, Director of Digital Engineering Feuji Employee
Ayesha Siddiqa, Associate Software Engineer Feuji Employee
Sai Krishna Behera, Quality Engineer Feuji Employee


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United States

Costa Rica


We’re based in USA, Costa Rica and India

Feuji was born out of the desire to create a great company that would pave way for the greater good. We take pride in making Feuji a great place to work at. Having fun, being friendly and open, and celebrating the good things in life- these are important to us! As we grow rapidly, we believe in embracing change to challenge ourselves, keep things lively, and avoid stagnation.

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