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Imagine never again having to decide between quality and speed

According to one McKinsey study, smart quality has enabled organizations to reduce their total cost of quality around 50%. As the demand for higher quality software increases, a growing number of companies are putting together Quality Engineering teams to plan and ensure product excellence.

10x faster

Quality Engineering (QE) helps you enhance the quality of your software products while improving the speed at which they are developed. 

Here are the top three reasons why you should consider QE for your business

Rapid Quality Enhancement

In an Agile and DevOps-dominated world, QE is the best way to fast-track your digital transformation. It saves your time and effort by finding and fixing quality issues before they get to you.

Intelligent Automation

QE uses intelligent automation that moves beyond the automation of repetitive tasks. It also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate core decision-making processes.

Continuous Testing

Continuous quality testing is necessary to support a continuous delivery pipeline and thereby get software delivered to production quickly and safely. The primary goal of continuous testing is to maximize business risk coverage.

Feuji’s QE services bridge this gap. With our services, you can detect issues much earlier in the development process. Our services ensure the highest level of product quality throughout all stages of the product development lifecycle.

Test Strategy / Assessment

Feuji’s software testing strategy strikes the perfect balance between cost, effort, and delivery time. You can trust our comprehensive set of products and services to ensure industry-leading testing practices that improve quality.


 Feuji’s Agile functionality empowers you to make continuous improvements, while prioritizing what is most important for your customers. It helps you to streamline test execution, while reducing delays and errors.


Our automated testing can help you improve software quality while shortening your development cycles and avoiding cumbersome repetitive tasks.

CI/CD and

Our QE services are integrated into Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps. This enhances productivity and accelerates overall end-to-end application lifecycle processes.

Application Performance Monitoring

With Feuji’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM), you can be assured of trust, compliance, and speed. Our APM drives business growth, improves customer experience, and gives you a competitive advantage.

With Feuji’s QE services, you can accelerate your ability to achieve high product quality with better functionality, usability, and performance. With us, you can exceed customers’ expectations with lower costs and increased profit margins.

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Incident Response

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