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Our Homegrown Automation Accelerator on Open-Source Frameworks 

Harbinger's Test Automation 'Copilot' is a innovative tool designed to streamline and optimize the testing process for web applications, APIs, and cloud-based ERP/CRMs. Built on open-source frameworks, it combines the best features of leading tools such as Playwright, Cypress, Selenium, and more, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in test automation. 

Key Features

No Code Test Authoring

Easily create and author test cases without writing complex code, simplifying the testing process and reducing development time.

One - Click Test Execution

Execute tests with a single click, ensuring quick and efficient validation of your applications.

Application Screenshot

Capture screenshots during testing to visually track application behavior and identify potential issues. 

Ease of Integration with Cloud Farms for Browsers

Seamlessly integrate with cloud-based browser farms, allowing for scalable and efficient testing across different browsers and environments. 

Ease of Integration with CI/CD Ecosystem

Integrate effortlessly with your CI/CD pipeline, ensuring continuous testing and rapid feedback loops.

Decision Enabling Dashboard

Gain valuable insights into test results and performance metrics through a user-friendly dashboard, enabling informed decision-making. 

Parallel Execution on Multiple Browsers

Execute tests in parallel across multiple browsers simultaneously, reducing test execution time and improving efficiency. 

Ease of Test Suite Maintenance

Maintain and manage your test suites with ease, thanks to intuitive features that simplify maintenance tasks. 

No Vendor Locking - Export Test Suite in JavaScript Framework

Avoid vendor lock-in by exporting your test suite in JavaScript framework, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with other tools and platforms. 

With Harbinger's Test Automation 'Copilot,' you can elevate testing processes, achieve faster time-to-market, and ensure the quality and reliability of your software applications across diverse platforms and environments.

Experience the power of intelligent automation with Harbinger's Copilot today! 

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Incident Response

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