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Recently, Gartner reported that the demand for application development services will increase 5 times faster than the IT industry’s capacity to meet these demands. With the highest exodus of employees on record in 2021, It has become unsustainable for several businesses to solely rely on skilled developers. 

5x faster dev

In the face of rising demand for application development, Low-code/ No-code platforms have come to the rescue. According to Gartner, 65% of all app development will include Low-code/ No-code automation by 2024. Organizations that adopt Low-code/ No-code platforms drastically speed up their development spaces and increase agility. 

Here are three reasons why Low-code / No-code platforms are the future of software development

Accelerates Time to Market

Unlike traditional application development, Low-code / No-code platforms enable software development within a few days or weeks. Since the design and aesthetics are easy to create, the time to market is accelerated.

Reduces Cost

According to Gartner, by 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals. This and increased automation will lead to a boost in commercial benefits.

Reduces Maintenance Effort

Applications developed by Low-code/ No-code platforms are more stable since they use standardized and pre-tested components. Thus, end-products have fewer bugs and integration issues. In the process, maintenance requirements are significantly reduced.

Low-code/No-code platforms do the tedious work of the programmer behind the scenes, enabling even non-programmers with limited coding skills to create applications. A McKinsey study revealed that organizations empowering citizen developers with Low-code / No-code platforms are 33% more innovative than those that do not. The potential to innovate is amplified since people with a better understanding of business functions can use these platforms.


Building applications, in the traditional way, is expensive, time-taking, and complicated. Do you spend a lot of your annual budget creating or purchasing software that is neither effective nor efficient? Are you relying on custom scripts that no longer match the speed and agility that businesses require? 

At Feuji, we partner with Appian and Unqork to custom-build Low-code / No-code applications for our clients. We help you increase the operational efficiency of your business and deliver superior customer experiences without the typical friction that comes with having to code. 

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