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Giving you resilience that immediately protects your critical services and data

The complexity of critical infrastructure environments is creating new cyber security challenges and vulnerabilities. To keep systems safe and mitigate risks, organizations must adopt a comprehensive approach to cyber risk management. Incident response is a crucial aspect of cyber risk management.

75% faster post-incident recovery

According to Gartner, by 2025, 30% of critical infrastructure organizations will experience a security breach. Should the worst happen, you do not want to be caught off guard, and waste time deciding on a response in the heat of an incident.

Incident response aims to identify, contain, and minimize the cost of a cyberattack or a live incident. Feuji helps you adopt a single security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform. Here are three key advantages of having a robust incident response infrastructure

Reducing Economic Loss 

A thorough and well-rehearsed plan helps teams mitigate threats quickly. This reduces both the impact and expense of these incidents and thus maintains business continuity by keeping the vital infrastructure running. It also helps to minimize loss of assets, legal risk, and negative impact on the brand.

Preventing Incident Escalation 

An incident response plan ensures that trained staff members are available to manage important tasks during an incident. This prevents escalations and ensures that your organization is back to functioning at full capacity as quickly as possible.

Averting Future Potential Threats 

Security incident response enables you to get a comprehensive understanding of incident response procedures performed by your analysts. It helps you understand the trends and bottlenecks in those procedures with analytics-driven dashboards and reporting. This prepares you beforehand against any potential threats.

Imagine, you are a victim of a cyber-attack. What will happen to your business now? How will you recover operations? Will you survive in the long term? Threat detection is just one piece of the security equation. Your organization needs a smart incident response mechanism to the ever-growing volume of alerts with multiple tool ecosystems. 

We help you adopt a single security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform. We build and strengthen fast and effective support to help manage and improve your organization’s response to security incidents. We provide both remote and on-site incident response handling services. Feuji’s services guide organizations smoothly to recover with minimum business disruption.

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Incident Response

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