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Prevent, detect, and combat cybercrimes with deep endpoint visibility

Breaches at organizations happen every day, causing valuable data to be left vulnerable and in the wrong hands. Digital forensics searches for evidence to help understand how cyber-crime happened, making it incredibly hard for criminals to cover their tracks. According to McKinsey, skillsets like cyber forensics are in particularly short supply. However, Feuji’s digital forensics experts are available 24 x 7 to help you when you need the most.

70% faster forensic data analysis

Teaming with Feuji gives you an edge in today’s security landscape. Feuji’s Digital Forensics Services help you facilitate rapid investigations to strengthen your organization’s threat intelligence.

Here are three key reasons why you should consider Feuji’s Digital Forensics Services for your firm today

Collecting Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is a trace that we all leave in our digital lifetimes, as we browse the web and interact with social media. The crimes are different online, but the evidence is still there, and our digital forensics investigators can help collect it. 

Recovering Lost or Deleted Data

In this digital age, data is everything. Therefore, it is essential to protect data as best as possible even if it gets deleted or lost. Disaster recovery is an area of cyber security that helps save a lot of time and money when attempting to recover lost data.

Developing Emergency Readiness

While a digital forensics investigation does not prevent a future attack, it can detect gaps in your security infrastructure that need to be filled. These security gaps can be addressed proactively before the occurrence of the next cyber-attack.

The digital world is changing fast and new threats are manifesting daily.  How can you be sure that the attacker is not present in your network anymore? What are your strategies to recover data that has been tampered with or compromised? How can you find out if your sensitive data was copied, auctioned, or even sold? Hence, cybercrime forensics is imperative to companies and organizations of all sizes. 

When your data is stolen, there is no guarantee that your data will not be auctioned or sold on the dark web. Feuji’s digital forensics experts utilize threat intelligence services to determine when and how your data was compromised. Our services prevent, detect, and counter cybercrimes with comprehensive, intelligent, and deep endpoint visibility.

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Incident Response

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