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Mitigate your cloud security challenges with actionable insights and automated solutions.

According to McKinsey, by 2030, companies will lose roughly $650 billion because of system downtime and cybersecurity breaches. 

25% ↓ repair time

Cloud adoption is increasing, and so are security breaches. It is critical to address cloud security issues before they become a threat to your organization’s reputation and marketability. Cloud Security Services help you save time and money by identifying gaps, establishing risk-mitigating architectures, and setting up governance frameworks that improve compliance.

Here are three key reasons why your business should consider using Feuji’s Cloud Security Services

Continuous Monitoring

Activity monitoring helps detect suspicious security events, like configuration changes, across your ecosystem. In order to ensure that the right resources have the right access, fine grain identity and access control are used along with continuous monitoring. 

Automated Tasks

If threats are detected, Cloud Security Services take automated actions to remediate issues without causing disruptions. Automation of security reduces human error by enforcing cloud security policies that are always up to date. According to McKinsey, with a more resilient architecture, you can reduce cloud downtime by up to 57% .

Disaster Recovery

Recovery is a vital component of any business continuity plan. In a cloud environment, it can be even more challenging to ensure that data and services are recoverable during natural disasters or cyberattacks. Cloud Security Services protect data stored in the cloud, while backing up applications and other services.

As the adoption of the cloud increases, so do complexity and security risks. Has your organization implemented the right cloud-focused security tools? Are you aware of any access control points that are not secure? Do you know who is responsible for your key security components like cloud infrastructure, applications, user access, and hypervisors? 

At Feuji, we take pride in helping our customers overcome cloud security challenges. To effectively manage the risk associated with you cloud, we assess your current security posture and provide you with a multi-layered cloud security strategy. Using a robust set of our automated solutions, we help you address security issues and misconfigurations with ease. We provide you with end-to-end encryption for your confidential data. And we do it fast. 

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Incident Response

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