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Empowering enterprises with continuous and autonomous Multi-Cloud governance at scale

Feuji OpsRight helps enterprises face Cloud challenges including unpredictable and unabated Cloud costs, ever growing security risks, stringent regulatory compliance needs and operational complexities. We overcome these challenges by offering deeper Cloud visibility, preventative governance guardrails, and automatic remediation.

50% Cost Savings

Feuji OpsRight Cloud Managed Services include FinOps, SecOps and CloudOps solutions powered by CoreStack. We help you build a secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure with NextGen Multi-Cloud governance.

With Feuji OpsRight Cloud Managed Services you can achieve business outcomes such as 

50% Reduction in Cloud Costs

Manage your Multi-Cloud costs with financial accountability through a unified and seamless experience. Use tools to assess maturity of FinOps, gain visibility, plan, optimize costs and operate with cost

60% Increase in Cloud Operations Efficiency

Optimize Cloud operations and costs to provide accessibility, availability, flexibility, and efficiency while also boosting business agility and outcomes. Automate Cloud activities and remediations so that
end-users experience zero issues with access, performance, and services.

100% Compliance to Standards

Autonomously run security operations across the entire Multi-Cloud inventory to achieve continuous Cloud compliance with the evolving standards. Provide unified visibility into security threats and vulnerabilities and enable their remediation.

Cloud Governance is challenging even with a single cloud and becomes more challenging as enterprises adopt multiple Clouds. Enterprises have realized that a Multi-Cloud strategy is vital to realize the benefits of new digital technologies, being more agile, and reducing costs. Migrating to and effectively operating in such an environment can be formidable; and the need to get things right in a world of change and complexity can put extra pressure on your organization. 

Feuji OpsRight Cloud Managed Services aids you to adopt the best mix of Cloud and on-premise technologies that provide the most value for you and your digitalization journey, without the worry of having to manage the complexity.

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Incident Response

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