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Success Story - CAMS tackles Cloud Costs and Compliance

With Feuji OpsRight Managed Services powered by CoreStack NextGen Cloud Governance, CAMS was able to reduce cloud costs by 30% while achieving continuous PCI compliance.

For more than two decades, CAMS has been a technology-driven financial infrastructure and services provider to mutual funds, banks, insurance

companies, private equity funds, and other financial institutions. The company’s competitive advantage stems from the functionality, integration, and

scalability of its proprietary technology platforms, which deliver breadth and quality of service and cost efficiencies.

CAMS is on a continuing mission to bring innovative services to investors and distributors, and their most recent innovation was aimed squarely at offering a seamless digital experience to customers. The recently released payment app, CAMSPay, now manages around $35 billion worth of assets for 2+ million users.

CAMS embarked on this cloud journey with Microsoft Azure, a platform that provided the agility to achieve their digital aspirations.

However, new challenges related to compliance and rising costs began to surface, impeding CAMS from expanding their digital transformation efforts. As a result, they set out to find a robust cloud governance solution.

A One-Stop Governance Solution

After evaluating many options, CAMS selected Feuji OpsRight Managed Services powered by CoreStack NextGen Cloud Governance due to its extensive cloud-native capabilities, one-stop solution for all governance needs, and swift onboarding process. CAMS was quickly able to optimize costs thanks to:

  • A cost analytics dashboard that provides deeper visibility and control

  • Reports on orphaned and under-utilized resources

  • On-demand start/stop of machines using web-hooks

  • Automatic shutdowns based on schedules and application idle times

  • ML-based cost forecasting for more accurate planning

  • Automated multi-region backups and DR that eliminated redundant setups

For added operational efficiency, CAMS leveraged the automation capabilities for application provisioning, deployments, backups, archival, monitoring, and log management.

Feuji solution also gave CAMS comprehensive governance capabilities to ensure security and compliance with industry standards. For example, CAMS was able to implement access controls at different levels, including by Azure subscription, resource group, and team. Cloud infrastructure security controls were set at multiple layers using firewalls, subnets, and VM configurations. And continuous checks for PCI controls were implemented to ensure continuous PCI compliance.

In addition, CAMS was able to configure log analytics for all resources and anomaly alerts, implement Azure subscription-specific policy definitions, recommendations, and remediation, and enforce disk, file, and database encryption as well as hardening of OS images.

Measurable Results

By using Feuji OpsRight Managed Services, CAMS was able to rapidly reduce overall cloud costs by 30%. At the same time, the company achieved continuous PCI compliance while continually maintaining high availability and scalability, increasing trust with customers and stakeholders.

But perhaps the most significant win for CAMS was being able to adopt a

product-based approach to long-term cloud governance, instead of hiring

expensive consulting resources. And with comprehensive automation capabilities,

CAMS was able to eliminate the need for dedicated, highly skilled cloud engineers.

“We’re delighted to partner with Feuji and CoreStack,” says Vasanth Jeyapaul, Senior Vice President of CAMS. “Feuji Managed Services and CoreStack's robust cloud governance platform helped us optimize our cloud costs and strengthen compliance.”






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