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Feuji and Gurucul join forces to detect and prevent cybersecurity breaches with Next-Gen SIEM Solutions

Feuji’s Strategic MSSP partnership with Gurucul empowers customers with Intelligent Threat Detection, AI-based Threat Hunting and Advanced Real-Time Analytics.

Dallas, TX and El Segundo, CA June 20, 2023 - Feuji, a leading global technology services company and Gurucul, a renowned global cybersecurity company, announced a strategic MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) partnership today. This collaboration combines Feuji’s expertise in customized cybersecurity solutions with Gurucul’s Security Analytics and Operations Platform to offer organizations enhanced incident response capabilities, efficient threat hunting and real-time analytics on a unified platform. The collective objective is to streamline and automate the process of efficient threat detection, investigation, and response through comprehensive cybersecurity solutions designed for private and public institutions globally.

By integrating Gurucul’s Security Analytics and Operations Platform with Feuji’s SIEM capabilities, organizations gain access to a range of advanced tools, including Next-Gen SIEM, UEBA, XDR, SOAR, and Identity and Access Analytics. This empowers them with real-time visibility, prioritized investigations, and automated response throughout the entire SOC lifecycle. Leveraging machine learning, behavior profiling and predictive risk-scoring algorithms, Gurucul’s technology effectively predicts, prevents, and detects data breaches, making it a trusted choice for global 1000 companies and government agencies combatting cybercrimes, IP theft, insider threats and account compromise.

"Our partnership with Gurucul introduces a next-gen security operations platform that enables our customers to safeguard their valuable data and assets”, stated Manohar Reddy, CEO of Feuji. “The platform utilizes advanced machine learning models and predictive algorithms, to provide organizations with a holistic view of their security posture, enabling real-time threat detection and response to mitigate potential damage. This partnership adds values to our solutions by equipping organizations with the advanced capabilities they need to stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats.”

"Joining forces with a leading global technology services company like Feuji accelerates our mission of empowering our customers to succeed while helping organizations protect themselves from insider threats and sophisticated external intrusions leveraging rapid detection and precise response," said Alexander Dunn, Gurucul's Channel Director. “Gurucul continues to remove obstacles for security operations teams while helping CISOs fulfill business imperatives like controlling costs at scale, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, and demonstrating a fast time to value on critical security investments."

The combined expertise and technology of Feuji and Gurucul will offer organizations with unparalleled visibility and a comprehensive set of capabilities for automated threat detection, investigation, and response to combat modern cybersecurity challenges. Together, Feuji and Gurucul are committed to providing reliable, advanced, and robust cybersecurity solutions that meet unique needs of customers.

About Gurucul

Gurucul is a global cybersecurity company that helps organizations protect their most valuable assets, data and information from insider and external threats on-premises and in the cloud. Gurucul’s real-time Security Analytics and Operations Platform combines machine learning behavior profiling with predictive risk-scoring algorithms to predict, detect and prevent breaches. To learn more, visit

About Feuji

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operations in Costa Rica and India, we are a global technology services company that delivers Digital Transformation, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data and Insights, and Strategic Staffing solutions that improve our customers’ businesses and bottom line. Our end-to-end approach, combined with our deep industry experience, allows us to provide solutions that address business challenges in a practical, cost-effective manner. As a high-growth company, Feuji is committed to customer success and building happy teams.





Incident Response

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