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Acquire, Enrich, and Analyze Data at Unmatched Speed with Incorta’s Direct Data Platform™

October 10, 2023

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM CST

We hosted an exciting webinar on Incorta, an open data delivery platform that revolutionizes how businesses access and utilize their enterprise data. The event was jointly hosted by Feuji, a global technology services company, and Incorta, a leading data analytics platform. The webinar provided a comprehensive perspective on data-driven strategies, making it a highly informative event for technology leaders seeking to assist their organizations in making informed decisions.

During the session, attendees learned how they could:

-Seamlessly integrate diverse ERP and source systems for enhanced data visibility.

-Improve report accuracy and speed for real-time insights.

-Ensure timely data updates for operational efficiency.

-Optimize operational reports with granular data on equipment performance and inventory levels.

-Leverage advanced data modeling and analytics to uncover hidden insights for proactive decision-making.

Presented by:

Grant Joseph

Senior Sales Engineer

Michael O’Neill

Senior Director, Cloud Evangelist

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Turn data into decisions faster with Feuji

At Feuji, we're dedicated to transforming the way businesses make sense of their data. Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence services, coupled with industry-leading data platforms like Incorta, empower you to find hidden insights and make informed business decisions. With a global presence spanning the US, Costa Rica, and India, Feuji brings together the expertise of diverse professionals around the globe to help you harness the true potential of your data. Our AI-driven solutions transform raw data into actionable intelligence, providing you insights and information to stay ahead of the curve. Experience the future of data analytics with Feuji! 


Our Services  


  • Cluster Analysis and Segmentation  

  • Data Quality Enhancement  

  • Automated Data Processing  

  • Interactive Data Visualization 

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