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Align your cybersecurity approach with business objectives.

Feuji Cybersecurity Advisory Services help you to increase agility and innovation while ensuring holistic management of cyber risks. We work with you to assess, design and build what it takes to operate confidently and transform at pace.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 30% of critical infrastructure organizations will experience a security breach. Should the worst happen, you do not want to be caught off guard, and waste time deciding on a response in the heat of an incident.

Our cybersecurity experts - certified to the highest levels across multiple vendors, technologies, and industry standards - will help you develop a strategy and actionable security roadmap aligned to your business objectives, with optimized security controls, and next-generation security architecture, policies and framework.

Our Cybersecurity Advisory service focuses on business outcomes, with a flexible, modular framework that spans the entire security lifecycle. We develop a strategy and plan aligned to your business needs, optimize existing investments, and design your next-generation enterprise security architecture, policies and framework.

Optimize Security Strategy and Investments

Cybersecurity is a key part of the digital transformation that organizations must adopt and prioritize for their health and well-being. Feuji cybersecurity advisory services can scale with a business and be part of the technology foundation that sets a company up for long-term success.

Accelerate Security Transformation

We provide a prioritized set of actions that you can take to transform your security posture and reduce cyber risk by 95% or more, while making your security team 10x more efficient. Gain insights of your overall security posture including risk heatmaps by owners, sites, and business units.

Improve Overall Security Posture

Feuji Cybersecurity Advisory uses an integrated framework that spans the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity.


Each component of the framework identifies gaps in your information security management policies, standards, processes and technologies that pose a risk to your organization’s security posture and provides a recommendation and prioritized roadmap for improvement.

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Incident Response

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