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Feuji Streamlined Testing for a $900M Company with Its Robust Quality Engineering Capabilities


Code reusability

Code was reusable across the platform for 20+ clients.


Faster release time

Reduced release time acceptance to 15 mins from 4 hours.


Productivity improvement

Reduced testing effort by up to 60% per cycle.

A massive technology company that provided analytics on markets and customers required testing to be seamless and automated. The problem? Every time the product had to be configured, it had to be done to meet client implementation.

The client is a $20 billion IT giant with operations across the world providing mission-critical IT services. With operations in 70 countries globally, the client drives innovation in the IT world. The client has over 130,000 employees across the world and is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader.


We understood the applications through careful collaboration with business units and testing teams. This enabled us to improve code usability radically, reduce release acceptance, increase test coverage, and reduce testing efforts.


The key challenge in this case was

  • How each of the clients' needs were so different.

  • The complexity of the overall application development model.

  • Streamlining testing automation to meet client requirements.


Through quality engineering combined with testing automation, we were able to

  • Rapidly improve the speed of deployments.

  • Highly improve the company’s test coverage and code reusability.

  • Deliver automation scripts to speed up processes.

Download the case study to know more about the benefits we delivered and how we executed this project.





Incident Response

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