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Building a cognitive application for a US-based healthcare start-up for the elderly with chronic diseases


Time Compliance

Through our offshore teams, we built the product on-time, with end to end product engineering.



The solution provides 100% human-like interaction and conversations with patients and users.


Perfect Translation

Through advanced natural language processing, the system analyses requirements in detail and works accordingly.

The client is a US-based healthcare startup that builds applications using NLP, speech translation, and recognition.

The client is a $20 billion IT giant with operations across the world providing mission-critical IT services. With operations in 70 countries globally, the client drives innovation in the IT world. The client has over 130,000 employees across the world and is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader.


The client needed help with software product engineering to build the solution using platforms like IBM Watson, Raspberry Pi and speech recognition tools. The client had time and budget constraints.


The system needed to naturally converse with the patient in the context of their ongoing medical treatment. The client had very stringent budget and time constraints. Building the product within the planned time was a critical client goal.


  • Feuji analyzed the requirements in detail and categorized the functionality into smaller independent modules. Some of the features included speech translation, recognition, and natural language processing.

  • We built a solution on Raspberry Pi that could take patients' speech as input and send the request to the IBM Watson-based application that returned the desired output in the form of text. The response was then fed to the speech synthesizer that provided human voice capability.





Incident Response

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