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Time Compliance

Through our offshore teams, we built the product on-time, with end to end product engineering.



The solution provides 100% human-like interaction and conversations with patients and users.


Perfect Translation

Through advanced natural language processing, the system analyses requirements in detail and works accordingly.

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 "To thrive in today’s economy, you need to be resilient and fast, while mitigating risk. With Feuji, you can gain measurable, reliable, and positive impact through the power of technology. Read more to understand how we help organizations and transform businesses."

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Strategic Staffing

One of the world’s best-known software product companies based in the US needed to rapidly build teams for a super niche skill

Identifying high quality teams for proposal management across Central America, Eastern Europe, and India was hard to do for the client. Feuji delivered quality staffing solutions to this company in record time.

In just 6 weeks, a 20-member back-office team is established for a $5 billion automotive financing services company

Feuji’s Strategic Staffing and Nearshoring models helped the massive automotive finance company reduce 40% costs, improve effectiveness, and decrease attrition.

Helping a massive $33 billion pharmaceutical giant find the exact talent they needed- when they needed it

A massive pharmaceutical giant based out of the US was facing the challenge of finding the right talent within expected timeframes.



We are a global technology services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with operations in Costa Rica and India. As a high-growth company, Feuji is committed to customer success and building happy teams, we believe in delivering solutions that have a measurable impact on our clients’ businesses and bottom line.
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