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Venu Bohini

Venu brings over 20 years of technology leadership experience in building consumer and enterprise products and platforms from the ground up primarily in the Fintech, Open Banking and Insurtech space. Venu helped build Finicity from start-up to scale up eventually leading to a nearly billion-dollar acquisition by Mastercard. Venu also built products/apps for businesses in the Automotive, Speech Recognition and Conversational AI domains.

Venu Bohini is the Chief Technology Officer of a start-up, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; an advisor to technology start-ups and an angel investor. Venu started his career as one of the early Software Engineers at Finicity, a Fintech and Open Banking start-up and helped build Finicity from the ground up to now close to 1,000 employees worldwide, eventually leading to a nearly billion-dollar acquisition by Mastercard.

During his time at Finicity, Venu built and managed the Financial Data Aggregation platform team with integrations to thousands of financial institutions; launched Finicity’s Financial Data Insights platform; designed and implemented the API strategy; built the initial Developer Platform and Enterprise Partnership ecosystem and contributed to the development of Finicity’s Open Banking strategy.
Venu comes with extensive experience in building onshore and offshore software engineering and 24 X 7 operations teams. Venu built Finicity’s India subsidiary and also served as the Managing Director and a member of the board of directors of Finicity, India.

Venu has also built products and platforms for start-ups in the Speech Recognition, Conversational AI and Insurtech domains.
Previously, Venu has worked with Sogeti, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, where he built enterprise Java systems for Mercedes Benz automating business processes supporting more than 300 dealerships across North America.

Venu has a Master’s in Computer Engineering and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.
Venu loves to help individuals grow in their personal and professional lives and has spent many an hour guiding individuals in navigating through their life’s journey. Venu's best days are hiking up the Wasatch mountains with his wife and adorable English lab, Coco and going on month plus long road trips with no music or radio while exploring his inner self by embracing “doing nothing”. Venu’s dream job is to be a “Space Psychologist” on a trip to Mars.





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