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Vice President, Business Development

Hemant Doshi

Hemant Doshi is a passionate and competent sales professional who brings over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. His unique account penetration strategies and varied industry experience in tech sales are noteworthy.

Hemant Doshi is the Vice President of Business Development at Feuji. He brings over 25 years of sales experience in the IT industry and possesses profound knowledge on the North America IT landscape. He is a recognized sales hunter and accomplished at winning sales in IT Consulting, IT Infrastructure, and Professional Services.

Prior to joining Feuji, Hemant worked at Deloitte US for more than a decade as a Senior Sales Director for IT services. He was well-recognized for winning large enterprise deals. His client portfolio comprised of Fortune 500 companies from diversified industry verticals – Life Sciences & Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecom, Technology, Food & Beverage, Logistics and Manufacturing.

Hemant commenced his sales journey as a Business Development Manager at Gyrocon Inc in Atlanta. He was instrumental in shaping the overall growth and achieved top sales during his tenure at the company for a decade and half.

Hemant holds an MBA specialized in International Business from the University of Mumbai.





Incident Response

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