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Senior Vice President - Technology & Strategic Solutions

Gregory Asher

A forward-thinking technology executive, Greg leads innovation in analytics, cybersecurity, quality engineering, and AI, creating high-value solutions and accelerators that position Feuji at the forefront of the industry.

Greg Asher is the Senior Vice President for Technology and Strategic Solutions at Feuji. He is a forward-thinking technology executive, known for aligning technology strategies with organizational values and leading global teams to uphold service excellence. He aims to drive growth by innovating in analytics, cybersecurity, and AI, focusing on tailored client solutions. Greg's strategy emphasizes creating high value solutions and accelerators to position Feuji at the forefront of innovation, enhancing demand and customer acquisition. He leverages existing assets and partnerships to identify unique opportunities, adding value and improving revenue quality. His approach includes hosting roadshows, building deep technology capabilities, engaging in networking activities, and maintaining a proactive R&D approach.

Greg's extensive background includes a 15-year stint at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), where he was instrumental in developing a groundbreaking near-shore delivery model and expanding a small team of four into a massive 1500+ personnel organization across three offices. He played a key role in creating industry-specific solutions in sectors like Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking, and SMB, and established a complex regulatory services practice for the Manufacturing and Defense sector. Later, as the US Head for Strategic Sales at Wipro, Greg developed a novel sales strategy for mid-market and private equity, fostering enduring client relationships leading to contracts valuing over $100M.

Greg's key responsibilities at Feuji include leading innovation in analytics, cybersecurity, quality engineering, and AI, engaging closely with clients to provide tailored solutions, and building Feuji's capabilities through strategic hiring and training. He also aims to create practical innovation frameworks by partnering with software firms, academia, and startups, and collaborating across the C-Suite to harmonize technology and strategy within the organization.

Outside of his professional role, Greg is passionate about eco-friendly practices, reading, and music. He resides in Cincinnati with his wife, Tori, and their dog, Banjo. Greg has made significant contributions to various sectors and has been involved in advanced technology education through initiatives focused on technology education. He is a former Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati, where he taught Large Scale Software Engineering and Comparative Development Methodologies. Greg also participates actively in Cincinnati's business and civic communities, serving on several advisory boards and supporting local arts and community initiatives.





Incident Response

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