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One of the world’s best-known software product companies based in the US needed to rapidly build teams for a super niche skill


Screened Candidates

For a team of 50, we screened 400+ relevant candidates


Countries and Time-Zones

Teams set up in different countries (India, Romania, and Costa Rica)


Selection Rate

Stringent 7-step interview process with a 1:10 selection ratio

The client is a $170 billion American multinational IT corporation that produces computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and provides related services.


One of the world’s largest IT companies based in the US required teams of proposal managers and writers across Central America, Eastern Europe, and India. We got it done in 30 days.


The challenges were three-fold:

  • Proposal management is a super-niche skillset.

  • The client’s requirement around the quality of candidates was very high. It mandated a 7-step interview process with the ratio of selection to submission being 1:10.

  • The client had only 30 days for us to accomplish this.


  • To achieve our goal, we deployed a separate hiring team for every country. For a team of 50, we identified over 400 suitable candidates and assessed them.

  • The candidates had to clear multiple rounds of written tests, interviews, and personality assessments before they could attend the final 2 rounds with the client. 

  • All 3 teams, across Costa Rica, Romania, and India, received training, worked in collaboration, shared feedback, and learned from each other.