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Meeting your resource requirements with precision, speed, and agility

Companies are finding it extremely hard to recruit, train and retain talent. A McKinsey study shows that nearly 30% of senior leaders cite finding high-quality talent as their most significant managerial challenge. Superior talent can make organizations up to 800% more productive. Feuji has been helping companies address this very challenge since its inception.

35% faster-hiring process

Our on-demand staffing approach caters to constantly changing staffing needs across technologies, verticals, and geographies. We help you swiftly plan, recruit, train, and manage talent in a manner that is sustainable, scalable, and tailored to your budget.

We have helped several Fortune 500 companies rapidly scale their teams. Here are three reasons why you should consider Feuji’s Rapid Resource Recruitment Model:

Process and Empathy 

Empathy is at the core of how we approach the recruitment challenges our clients face. We know that one size does not fit all. So, we spend enough time and effort with your teams to understand your needs, goals, and strategies.

Pre-filtered Candidates

Our proprietary database contains over 60,000 pre-filtered candidates that we have already interviewed. This helps accelerate the pace of recruitment. We further fast-track recruitment through networks and candidate referrals.

Nearshoring Solutions

Our dedicated and efficient talent acquisition team spans geographies to align with our client’s work culture and expectations. We hire in sprints by helping you prioritize your resource requirements.

Hiring the right person for the job is one of the best things you can do for your business. But choosing who to hire and how to staff your company is more complicated than it might seem.

We provide technical staff augmentation, direct placement services, end-to-end managed technology project delivery, and comprehensive workforce management solutions. At Feuji, we build, manage and scale teams from scratch. We also work with you to identify your team’s training needs and connect you to vetted partners who can support you with training your teams.

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Incident Response

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