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Costa Rica has strong fundamentals that make it the perfect nearshore destination.

Costa Rica Achieved 48 New Foreign Direct Investment Projects in 2018
Source: CINDE (Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency)

A cradle of human talent for those who seek the value of excellence.

We are proud, educated people who embrace challenges, learn rapidly and welcome opportunities. A nation governed in peace with a solid long-standing democracy that stands behind health, education and the pursuit of self-development. Take a look at the things that set us apart.

Leaders in Latam in quality of the Educational System


Source: World Economic Forum. The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017

Literacy Rate: 97.4%

Source: United Nations Human Development Report 2015

2nd in the TOEFL IBT in Latam

91 points.

End to End Centers serving the world in more than 10 different languages 24/7, 365 days a year.

Spanish | English | Portuguese | German | French | Italian | Dutch | Mandarin | Japanese | Finnish | Polish | Czech | Malay

Source: ETS, 2015

Political Stability

2nd in the ranking in Latam, 63,81 of 100, just behind Uruguay.

Source: World Bank, The Worldwide Governance

Safety Index

1st place with Chile, with a score of 2 where 1 is the best and 5 is the worst.

Source: Latin Business Chronicle (FTI Consulting), 2014

Democracy Index

2nd in the ranking in Latam, 7,88 of 10, just behind Uruguay.

Source: The Economist, Democracy Index, 2016

U.S Central Standard Time

(GMT – 6)

+1000 international flights, leaving and entering the country weekly

4 or less hours flight time to Houston, Dallas; Miami and LA.

Direct flights to New York, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando.


We have established our presence and built a good reputation in Costa Rica through our excellent work with multiple enterprises. We are attractive in the job market, which helps us hire the best talent, backed by effective hiring processes.

We analyse and build solutions with our clients, take the time to understand their challenges and create processes that match their procedures, policies, rules and culture.

We take complete ownership and are just a call away to support with relevant information and a quick turnaround.




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