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Scalable, compliant, and competent services from Costa Rica on short notice

50% faster


Companies located in the USA and Canada are opting to nearshore their operations since they work in similar time-zones. According to McKinsey, Offshoring is alive and well, but it’s no longer the only answer. Feuji’s nearshoring options available from Costa Rica allow you to gain rapid access to top talent and world-class IT infrastructure. 

Recently, we supported a large contingent staffing project for a multi-billion automotive services financing company and one of the world's largest software product companies.  Through our nearshoring solutions, we helped both the companies reduce back-office operations cost by 40%.

In addition to time zone benefits, skilled workforce, and great IT infrastructure, there are unique benefits Feuji offers through its nearshoring facility in Costa Rica

Faster Operations

We make the initial investments for you. Using our market knowledge and understanding of Costa Rican law, we help you to start your operations in just 3-4 weeks.

Better Productivity

We help improve your productivity by providing you instant access to a team, a manager, IT support, payroll, recruitment, and other facilities. With us, you can seamlessly increase or decrease the size of your team based on your requirement. 

No CAPEX Needed

You can avoid making extensive initial investments if you partner with Feuji. Facilities like infrastructure, computers, offices, internet, and security are included in our pricing. 

Here are the top reasons for you to consider the Costa Rica advantage for your business

Time-zone and Availability

Being in the same time-zone as the US allows for the teams to seamlessly collaborate and communicate throughout the workday. The same time-zone also helps clients be more engaged and have better control of projects. 

Expertise and Skill

Teams in Costa Rica have excellent technical talent and English language proficiency.  Nearshoring operations through Feuji Costa Rica eliminates CAPEX due to our established infrastructure and reduces your cost of operations by up to 40%.

Stability and Cultural Fit

Businesses in Costa Rica have a vibrant, business-friendly environment, stable economy, and government support. The country boasts of world-class education, infrastructure, internet, telecommunications, and other services. 

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