Backend & Web Services Developer

Job Type : Full Time
Job Location : Hyderabad, India
Job Title : Backend & Web Services Developer
Posted 6 months ago

The Backend & Web Services Developer plays an important role to design, develop, and maintain modern web applications. You will be exposed to a seamless communication with the team by working on several projects.

    Job Requirements
    • Experience in creating and implementing Server-side applications is a must.
    • Proficiency in JavaScript, Python and Go languages for developing server-side applications is expected.
    • Proficiency in working with Relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.) and popular ORMs like TypeORM, SQLAlchemy or any other similar ORM libraries is expected.
    • Basic Understanding of networking fundamentals like TCP/IP, UDP, Broadcast, Multicast, Sockets etc is a must.
    • Working knowledge of Symmetric and Asymmetric encryption/cryptographic technologies. Knowledge of PKI based cryptographic algorithms and standards is expected.
    • Experience in Unit Testing and Automated Testing of Server-side applications is preferrable.
    • Advanced problem-solving skills are expected.
    • Ability to optimize code for the best possible outcome and work effectively in a collaborative environment as a member of a big team is expected.

      3-5 years

        Job Description
        • Design and develop REST APIs, Swagger, OpenAPI-specific applications, serverless, and cloud applications.
        • Design, develop, and maintain modern web application backends for HTTPS, websocket, and REST APIs.
        • Design, develop, integrate, and maintain cloud native applications, server-side scalable applications, and serverless applications on public cloud such as AWS, Azure, or other private Cloud services.
        • Design and develop modern web applications with progressive web technologies like Service Workers, Responsive, Push Notifications, etc.
        • Write high quality maintainable code for server-side applications and unit tests with complete code coverage.
        • Collaborate with senior leadership, systems engineers, and front-end web developers and programmers to integrate APIs and to deliver smooth web/browser driven applications.
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