“Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.”

– William Clay Ford Jr., Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

Employees make not just companies, but ecosystems. I cogently believe that an organization’s health is pink when there is a balance of business, people and society. Companies are an amalgamation of the internal procedures and the external world. I am grateful that Feuji has been extremely fortunate to be a part of the ecosystem and we at Feuji diligently pay it forward to the society we thrive in. Feuji takes pride in engaging with the local communities and enabling the team to volunteer and make an impact on the causes that matter.

We at Feuji, along with our partner Shipley Associates, were privileged to contribute to Rescate Animal ZooAve’s mission of protecting and restoring CostaRica’s biodiversity through wildlife rehabilitation, endangered species breeding, habitat preservation, and the provision of lifetime care for non-releasable animals. 


Rescue Animal ZooAve was born in 1990, with a conservative vision towards animal welfare. ZooAve is in La Garita de Alajuela (Greater Metropolitan Area- GAM) and is just 40 minutes from San Jose and 15 minutes from Juan Santa Maria International Airport. The park is home for more than 125 species of animals including birds, mammals and reptiles rescued at various instances. This place is a metaphor to greenery with its beautiful botanical gardens all around.

Feujians spent an exciting day working on infrastructure maintenance in the Zoo, putting their full efforts in preparing the poles used for the construction of habitats for the fauna in the sanctuary. Feuji and Shipley have contributed funds towards equipment for ZooAve’s Wildlife Rescue Center and Veterinary Clinic. The contribution from the Feuji team may be observed below:

Jeanne Marie Pittman, Executive Director of Wildlife Aid International took time in paying her gratitude to Feuji and Shipley Associates for the financial support to purchase vital veterinary equipment saving the lives of many animals. She thanked Feujians for helping ZooAve with the construction of new habitats for the sanctuary animals. She also mentioned that Feuji and Shipley truly care about the environment around and strive towards giving back to the society.

The Fun Tour

ZooAve organized a tour for us all through the center, so we could adore the atmosphere there meet some extraordinary inhabitants of the sanctuary. This was a wholesome experience to me and team as we realized that it’s only the nature that stays for us and we need to preserve it for generations to come.