Boosting team productivity and driving digital transformation

Gone are those days when the simplest of app development was only possible by skilled professionals. Today, we are in the era of low-code or even simpler, no-code programming! The Low-Code/ No-Code platforms have been there for some time now but have picked up the pace, especially during the pandemic.

These Low-Code/ No-Code platforms provide a visual approach to enterprise app development which can also be used by those who have little to no coding skills. Because of this, these platforms can help organizations leverage their existing talent to rapidly deliver apps to address various business needs. These platforms are revolutionizing the way we think about programming, by expanding access to software development beyond just programmers. It is opening doors and creating opportunities for developers, designers, and non-technical people to create applications that were simply not possible before with little to no programming experience.

Here are three reasons why the Low-Code / No-Code platforms are the future of software development:

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