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An automotive SaaS company required multiple critical roles filled to upgrade their projects


Week to Onboard

Pre-screening to onboarding time for each position


On Time

Met the 5-week deadline to hire resources


Positions Filled

All 30 highly qualified resources were provided

The client is a $210 million American company that provides software solutions for the automotive industry across the world. The client is known for transforming the automotive experience with innovations and unparalleled service.

In a conversation with Feuji, the CEO of the company mentioned that the organization “needed expertise and rapid recruitment to fill over 30 positions. We have just 5 weeks and we don’t know if we’ll be able to do it”


The Dallas-based client was finding it challenging to quickly hire highly qualified resources to fill multiple roles in an upgrade project. The candidates included Project managers, Business Analysts, UI/UX designers, Application Developers, and Software Testers. We got it done in 5 weeks. Our speed and quality of talent were highly appreciated.


  • The client was looking to fill multiple positions for an upgrade project.

  • The client preferred full-time hires and was unfamiliar with the contract mode of hiring.

  • All the positions had to be filled within 5 weeks


  • To achieve our goal, we gained a detailed understanding of the requirements of the client.

  • We persuaded the client to engage consultants on a contract basis instead of their original preference for full-time employees.

  • The staffing team turned to Feuji’s existing proprietary database to reach out to those candidates who were not active on the market.

  • Feuji’s strategic input, together with a comprehensive recruitment plan, proved to be the game-changer for the client





Incident Response

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