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Feuji Built a 100-Member ITSM Team for a $20 Billion IT Giant in a Month, Meeting Quality and Budget Needs


Cost Savings

The client realized savings of up to 32% through Feuji's Nearshoring model


Hiring Time Reduction

The time to hire the required ITSM roles decreased from 8 weeks to 4 weeks


Attrition Rate Reduction

Through training, benefits, and other incentives, we successfully minimized attrition and retained essential talent

The client is a $20 Billion IT giant with a global presence, offering mission-critical IT services. Operating in 70 countries, the client is a driving force of innovation in the IT world. With over 130,000 employees worldwide, it is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader.

The client is a $20 billion IT giant with operations across the world providing mission-critical IT services. With operations in 70 countries globally, the client drives innovation in the IT world. The client has over 130,000 employees across the world and is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader.


In a 30-day timeframe, Feuji utilized its Nearshore Services and Rapid Resource Recruitment to establish a world-class ITSM team. Comprising over 100 employees proficient in multiple languages, the team delivered round-the-clock support.


Hiring the right talent for the client's North and South American operations within a tight timeframe presented numerous challenges. The client faced a brief timeline, and the ITSM resources needed to meet exceptionally high-quality standards. 


  • Feuji assisted the client by successfully filling all required roles 

  • Achieved 100% compliance in meeting the quality and budget parameters set by the client 

  • Offered the client with 100% flexibility to absorb staff at a time when direct hiring would be possible 





Incident Response

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