Here is how we have delivered measurable positive impact

To thrive in today’s economy, you need to be resilient and fast, while mitigating risk. With Feuji, you can gain measurable, reliable, and positive impact through the power of technology. Read more to understand how we help organizations and transform businesses.

Digital Transformation

Building a cognitive application for a US-based healthcare start-up for the elderly with chronic diseases

The client needed product engineering to build the solution using platforms like

IBM Watson, Raspberry Pi, and speech recognition tools.

Strategic Staffing

One of the world’s best-known software product companies based in the US needed to rapidly build teams for a super niche skill

Identifying high quality teams for proposal management across Central America, Eastern Europe, and India was hard to do for the client. Feuji delivered quality staffing solutions to this company in record time.

30 days to build a 100 member ITSM team for a $20 billion IT giant meeting quality and budget constraints

With 130,000 employees and operations in 70 countries this IT giant needed a 100 member ITSM team. In just 30 days, we met this requirement. Here’s how we did it.

Digital Transformation

A US-based software products and technology consulting company needed to standardize its CPQs

A high visibility CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) project with easy maintainability was required. However, the timelines and budget were tight.

In just 6 weeks, a 20-member back-office team is established for a $5 billion automotive financing services company

Feuji’s Strategic Staffing and Nearshoring models helped the massive automotive finance company reduce 40% costs, improve effectiveness, and decrease attrition.

Strategic Staffing

An automotive SaaS company required multiple critical roles filled to upgrade their projects

Having recently acquired over 20 companies, this multi-million dollar firm needed to integrate the 20 different applications they acquired into a single platform.

Digital Transformation

Accelerating the time to market of applications, increasing adoption, and improving productivity of a massive civil engineering firm

The overall time to assess, modify, test, and deploy the improved Appian-based Low-code solution for the multibillion-dollar civil engineering firm was just 10 weeks.

Helping a massive $33 billion pharmaceutical giant find the exact talent they needed- when they needed it

A massive pharmaceutical giant based out of the US was facing the challenge of finding the right talent within expected timeframes.