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30 days to build a 100 member ITSM team for a $20 billion IT giant meeting quality and budget constraints


Cost Savings

Savings up to 32% were experienced by the client through Feuji’s Nearshoring model


Hiring Time Reduction

Time to hire the required ITSM roles were reduced from 8 weeks to 4 weeks


Attrition Rate Reduction

Through training, benefits, and other incentives, we helped reduce the attrition and retained essential talent 

The client is a $20 billion IT giant with operations across the world providing mission-critical IT services. With operations in 70 countries globally, the client drives innovation in the IT world. The client has over 130,000 employees across the world and is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader.


In just 30 days, Feuji leveraged its Nearshore Services and Rapid Resource Recruitment to establish a world-class ITSM team. The team consisted of over 100 employees who could speak multiple languages and provided support round the clock.


Hiring the right talent for the client’s North and South American operations in such a short time posed several risks. The client had a very short timeline and very high standards of quality were required of the ITSM resources


  • Feuji helped the client by filling all required roles.

  • 100% compliance in meeting the quality and budget parameters of the client.

  • 100% flexibility to the client to absorb staff at a time when direct hiring would be possible.