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Modern apps require end-to-end SDLC coverage

Enable effective integration of application security and vulnerability assessment tools  within DevOps Process. Identify security vulnerabilities in software development lifecycles using DevSecOps

Protecting organizations and their applications against cybersecurity threats requires a new approach to application and data security. Instead of working to identify and respond to security incidents, organizations must embrace a prevention mindset.

 Application development is rapidly being reshaped in multiple aspects simultaneously including the DevOps team model, DevOps rapid release cadence, and the technical composition of applications via cloud services and APIs. 

This modernization of development models presents an  opportunity and the need to modernize security of applications and development processes.

DevSecOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev), security (Sec) and IT operations (Ops). It is an extension of DevOps. In practice, it means testing the security of software as part of continuous integration (CI) or continuous deployment (CD).

Attacks against applications are a growing threat, putting businesses at risk of malware, disruption, theft, and misconfiguration exploits. Organizations must put time, effort, and money into ensuring the security of their applications and data. 

Feuji Application and Data Security services incorporate best practices and secure application configuration, deployment, and management to reduce the number of vulnerabilities that exist in an organization’s applications and prevent attackers from exploiting these vulnerabilities.

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Incident Response

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