Managed Services

Managed Services

Feuji’s managed services help you build solutions to tackle business challenges of today and prepare you for the opportunities of the future. We perform a thorough business analysis and partner with you to build integrated IT solutions. We bring industry perspective from the experience of building similar solutions in the space.

Project Scoping and Planning

Feuji handles the critical project scoping and planning steps with the help of key stakeholders while balancing processes, practices, techniques and tools unique to the project. Successful projects begin with great scoping and planning and Feuji documents, understands, and analyzes requirements from project stakeholders to form the primary objectives. In this phase, a project scope management plan, scope statement, deliverables, and scope change control mechanisms are created. Feuji divides this phase into manageable parts to lay down decision mechanisms, estimate time, cost and resources, and prevent scope creep.

Application Design and Development

Feuji’s application management team helps clients navigate today’s complex technology landscape and curb maintenance costs. Feuji provides flexible solutions to suit IT and business objectives with a range of services such as enterprise resource planning, systems integration, and information management. Feuji helps clients leverage digital platforms through digital content, customer relationship management and web and mobile capabilities.  Our goal is to create value for our clients by providing cost-effective and competitive advantage by bridging the gaps in between business needs and the technology to achieve them.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Feuji has strong expertise in software testing as the team has exclusively worked on testing and developed strong IP in previous engagements. As software delivery moves towards Continuous Deployment and Delivery models, testing presents some unique challenges which could threaten the feasibility of the overall pipeline. QA is perceived to be a bottleneck due to the nature of testing activity. Feuji can address this challenge and remove typical barriers encountered in achieving a reliable and repeatable test automation. Along with automation, Feuji can help clients in performance, security and mobile application testing.

Database Administration and Management

In the current times of data explosion, database administration has evolved as a critical piece for global enterprises. Feuji’s team of strong database administrators has the technical expertise to handle our clients’ data management operations. These include Configuration, Database Monitoring, Application Patching, Performance Tuning, Release Management, Incident Management, Scheduled backups and Recovery Management.